The Association hereby constituted is an incorporated non-profit Society named and registered as the Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre Society, to be commonly known as Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre.
The objective of the Society is:
the encouragement of, and the performance of, the dramatic arts, both in the German and English languages, with special reference to Mennonite and German Canadian communities in Manitoba.
that all affairs of the Society shall be directed towards the achievement of this objective and any donations and surpluses shall be used in promoting and carrying out this objective, and no member or officer of the Society shall gain from the Society’s operation.
The affairs of the Society shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of:
Seven Directors

all of which, Officers and Directors, are to be elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. In the event that the number of directors falls below eleven (11) between annual meetings, the Board of Directors may appoint directors who will serve until the next annual meeting.

Not withstanding article II(b), the Board of Directors may grant honoraria when special circumstances warrant doing so.

Membership in the Society is open to all, and free, upon application to the Secretary to be so enrolled.
Fiscal Year
The Society’s fiscal year shall run from April 1 st to March 31st.
Annual General Meeting
The Society shall hold its Annual General Meeting at a place and on a date as the Board may determine, at which meeting the affairs of the Society are to be dealt with, including the following:
Election of the Board of Directors
Annual Reports by
Any others requested by the Board
The disbursement of any surplus in the Society’s account, but only to any duly registered charitable organization.
Any concerns of the membership at large.
Amendments to this Constitution may be made at any Annual General Meeting, provided that a general notice of the intended amendments are included in the notice to the membership.
In the event that the Society, by a decision taken at any Annual General or other special General Meeting, decides to discontinue its operations, all assets of the Society, after payment of all debts and liabilities, shall be to any duly registered charitable organization as may be decided upon at that time; and in no case shall any officer or member of the Society obtain or receive any gain whatsoever from the dissolution of the Society.

Adopted: March 21, 1973

Amended: 1975 and June 13, 1978

Reprinted: from the original document, March 1997

Reproduced: from a reprinted copy of the original document, June 2003

Amended: June 13, 2011